Helping Kilidu

In the small hamlet of Kilidu, about 60 miles west of Mtwara, there is hardly any water from March to November. This means that villagers can walk the 6km to the nearest spring and then walk another 6km back with heavy buckets of water on their heads or they can collect a muddy trace in cans and buckets from the roofs when it does it rain. Either way, life is hard.

Village elder, Ali, surveys his new well. It is a success as far as he is concerned; the fact that the children drink water directly from here and become ill, he sees as a sad fact of life.

Sisters’ House at Kilidu

The Sisters of the Holy Redeemer, with money raised by you the supporters of Mtwaralinks, have now opened a new convent house at Kilidu. It is situated next to the teachers’ house (also built by Mtwaralinks) and crucially boasts a large water tank fed by the new wide gutters fitted to harvest rainwater from the roof.

the Sisters’ house is frequently inhabited by groups of Sisters who spend a week at a time working, farming rice, maize, beans and cassava.

Supporting the community of Kilidu

The small hamlet of Kilidu two years ago had no fresh water, no school and no clinic. Today, it has a solar pump bringing water to a tap in the village; it has a one classroom kindergarten with a 40,000 litre water tank; and it is about to have permanent home and dispensary run by the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer. Most of this has been achieved thanks to the generous support of Mr Charles Watkinson and his company Corrocoat of Leeds, UK.

Now we need to extend the dispensary to create a fully equipped clinic and we need to employ a doctor – perhaps only part-time – but we need to raise capital of £20,000 and raise revenue spend of £2000 each year.

The hamlet of Kilidu with its new kindergarten run by the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer.


There is really no end to the ways in which we in the developing world can help these the poorest people in the world. They have so little and we have so much. They need training; they need high quality education; they need ambition and they need to be able to see that they can eventually succeed without the help of the rich countries.  Whilst we help them develop new skills and whilst we help them with sponsorship through school and college, there are some – far too many- who can’t wait and need our practical help today. Please give whatever you feel you can afford and Mtwaralinks will ensure that it goes directly to those who need it so badly.


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