Majengo Food Programme

Majengo is a district of Mtwara – not rich and no poorer than the rest of Mtwara. It is where the Sisters have for many years run a clinic and dispensary in a small building nestled under the large stone church. Alongside the dispensary and the blood and urine tests and apart from the doctors’ daily clinic, once a month, the Sisters distribute food to about two dozen of the most needy, older people in that community. Some of them are too ill or frail to walk to the dispensary and send neighbours or grandchildren, but each is known to the Sisters and each would be in grave danger of death without this help. Each month the Sisters are able to give to each older person 10 kg of maize flour and 2kg of beans. If the Sisters could afford to give away more food, they could easily find more people in need. The monthly cost of this service is £350.

If you would like to help and support this food bank, you can do so with a regular monthly contribution of £15. This will provide an older person with beans flour and a little rice for a month. Please donate using the button above or complete the Standing Order form and mark it with the reference ‘Food’.