Welcome to Mtwaralinks, our new website reporting on our work in southern Tanzania. We are a very small charity helping in practical and measurable ways a small number of families and one community in one of the poorest regions in the world. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world and the most southerly region of Mtwara is the poorest region in Tanzania.

mtwaraThere are rich and poor in Tanzania. But the poor outnumber the rich 99:1. And the 99% of poor people are poor in a way that we in the developing world cannot really comprehend. Typically, a Tanzanian family, in a rural area, lives in a house made of baked clay and a wooden frame. Their toilet is a pit which sometimes collapses during heavy rains and pollutes nearby water courses. Their water supply is usually from a shared tap in the village but which might be some distance away. They have no electricity. Typically, such a family lives through subsistence farming – eating what they can grow, selling a little to be able to buy the essentials they can’t grow – kerosene, clothes and soap.

Whilst the north of Tanzania has metalled roads and fine hotels for the thousands of tourists who come to visit the Serengeti or climb Mount Kilimanjaro; down in the south, amongst the poor fishing communities along the coast or the forgotten Makonde villages inland, there are many, many people who have very, very little.

Here you can read news of our work in Mtwara and southern Tanzania; and, thanks to your continued support, the small but significant improvements to people’s lives we are able to make.

Sister Agnes greet schoolchildren in Kilidu.

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