Rose is hoping to secure sponsorship for her to complete the Diploma course at the Montessori teachers College in Mtwara.

Our sponsorship programme supports children from vulnerable families who have difficulty paying school fees. Whilst primary education is free and compulsory for all 7-13 year olds, secondary education is not and consequently children ‘drop out’ or don’t register for secondary education at all.

Rose is a young woman of nineteen. She was raised by her mum alone, after her dad left. Today her mum struggles to feed Rose’s younger siblings and having completed secondary school, Rose has now been offered a place on the Diploma in Education course at the Montessori Teachers’ Training College in Mtwara. It is an excellent college with small class sizes and well qualified teaching staff.
Were Rose to be able to take up this place she would live in dormitory accommodation and take all her meals at the college. College arranges for her to undertake teaching practice and helps her find work on completion of the course.
The cost of the course including food and accommodation, uniform, stationery and all necessary materials and equipment is approximately £645 per year.

With Gift Aid, a donation of £50 a month will allow Rose to have a high-quality education, secure a good job and help her community. Not all education sponsorships are as expensive as the Montessori College. For £15 a month you can pay for a student to attend secondary school – covering fees, uniform and stationery. For £30 a month you can pay for a student to complete Forms V & VI (equivalent to A levels). If you’d like to sponsor a student through their education, complete the Standing Order form and use the reference ‘Rose’.



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