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The rains have made the road impassable but have given Sisters a great rice harvest

A recent visit to Kilidu by Sister Agnes and her fellow Sisters from Holy Redeemer convent proved physically challenging but spiritually uplifting. the road made impassable by heavy rains was flooded to knee height for most of the way. What is, in cooler months, a dusty track, in the rainy season, emerges as a deep muddy stream.

Sister Agnes here wades through a particularly deep crossing on her way to the small hamlet of Kilidu. Chldren in the kindergarten with their teacher Gertrude were waiting for her, playing on playground equipment, dressed in their homemade school uniforms or seated at their new classroom furniture.

Further along the track lies the hamlet of Kilidu where since Sisters have demonstrated to elder the value of the kindergarten, they have from their own resources built a classroom for their children.

lt was built without government support, mainly by the villagers themselves, with some support from Sisters. Mtwaralinks paid for the roof and windows.