Water – the source of life in Kilidu


Kilidu needs water. One thousand people live in or near KIlidu in southern tanzania and their only fresh water supply is a walk of 8km – that’s 8km there and 8km back – over rough ground, carrying a plastic bucket on your head or balancing it on a bicycle. A recent visit to the kindergarten revealed a large proportion of children likely to be suffering from bilharzia, a debilitating and ultimately deadly disease contracted by drinking stagnant water.

For most of the year it rains very little and therefore there is no possibility to irrigate the land and farm it for food unless a sustainable supply of fresh water is brought to the village. Estimates and surveys have been done and we now know that there is water in Kilidu but its deep down in the earth. We are hopeful that following support from a UK donor, a new bore hole will be sunk and clean water for irrigation and most importantly for the villagers of Kilidu, will be found.