Our sponsorship programme is flexible, personal and very secure.Our sponsorship programme supports children from vulnerable families who have difficulty paying school fees. Whilst primary education is free and compulsory for all 7-13 year olds, secondary education is not and consequently children ‘drop out’ or don’t register for secondary education at all.

In this photo, Mwakibe Kapinga is seen in his final year at Ndanda Vocational Technical College from which he graduated last month as an electrician. He is now working in Mtwara. Permanent employment is not easy to find and for young people unemployment is perhaps the greatest scourge of life in cities in Africa so trade skills are of massive importance. Clearly, in the longer term and in the bigger picture, home grown skills is what will help African economies develop sustainably.

There’s no point in offering to help a child to attend school then leaving them without financial support half-way through. So sponsorship means £10.00 a month, which means £120 a year for at least five years. This will cover school fees, uniform, stationery and travel to and from home. Travel is relatively very expensive and students in Forms V and VI or college often have to travel long distances. For some high quality private colleges these fees and costs can be as much as £20 a month but the level of education and training is equally high.

If you think you can commit to that, please get in touch. We can put your money to work directly in a secondary school or technical college with a  family that will benefit. It could change the life-chances of one young person.


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